I left alone. I left the world, I was running,
to be by your side I was dying,
alone by your side I was flying.

post Glenda experience.

I hate the almost 5 days of power and clean water outages, though you’ll realize that this is nothing compared to other people who suffered a lot by the past natural disasters. So, I just survived the unintended digital detox, little life realization, say unique prayers and read again W. P. Young’s The Shack. prayers again for those who suffered a lot.

hello cute girl who just followed this blog. *kiligs*.

I just want to share the *crying shocked feeling* towards Brazil of losing against Germany. You know what, during their last game to Columbia and winning there, then Neymar was injured and T. Silva will not play to the next game due to Yellow Cards, it already sunk in to my mind that I will accept the fact that I will see Germany and Argentina in the finals. But I didn’t say 7-1 on the semi-finals! Seriously? It was above on our highest expectation. It was a massacre. Though still too sad for Hulk, still goal < attempts.

Anyway, great game recently to Argentina and ORANJE!! lol

And hello again to the cute girl who just followed this blog.

Brazil vs Chile, that emotional *feels* game. I’m actually crying. That winning shot from Neymar and the saves of Julio Cesar. One of the unforgettable World Cup game ever. Though still too sad for Hulk. 

"Return of the body clock" by Lemuel Paule

sometimes it's a whisper,
when you feel you could shout
or just being around
when the others have gone...

it's about living a life
which such strength and emotion
and knowing that waves are just part of the ocean
and that ocean, that ocean moves on forever
just like the love that brought us together

Yael Staav’s poignant and emotional interpretation of Dallas Clayton’s celebrated storybook, An Awesome Book of Love, shows us that love is truly humanity’s greatest gift." - Furlined

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